Generator Services

Professional Generator Installation & Electrical Repair in Waterford, MI

Our Generator Services Keep Families Safe During Electrical Emergencies

From refrigeration to air conditioning to lighting to communication, virtually all modern activities rely on electricity. Homeowners cannot afford to go without power for even a few hours at a time, which is why so many have home generators installed. Triple H Electric offers the generator installation and repair services to keep your power on, no matter what happens to the grid. With more than 15 years of experience operating throughout the Metro Detroit area, we are well equipped to protect you and your family from even the most dire electrical emergencies.

As a family business, Triple H Electric understands just how critical power is to your health and quality of life.

When the grid goes out, you can lose heating and air conditioning, access to medical equipment and a variety of other vital resources. We keep all of this equipment running smoothly through:

  • Initial Installation - We carry generators in a range of different sizes and brands. No matter how high your power needs are, we have the equipment you need to meet it.
  • Dependable Repairs - If anything goes wrong with your electrical equipment or the generator itself, we provide quick, comprehensive repair services to get your power back on and eliminate any safety hazards.
  • Efficiency Improvements - In addition to meeting your home’s existing power needs, we will help you consume less power while still carrying out all the same functions. By examining and enhancing your wiring, appliances and generator, we can reduce waste and improve efficiency. This not only saves you money and preserves the environment, but also reduces the strain on your electronics and generator, reducing the odds of future problems.

Our generators are designed to activate as soon as the ordinary power supply is interrupted. This lets you keep up your daily activities without skipping a beat, preserving the comfort, convenience and health of your home.

A Residential Electric Expert You Can Trust

Besides our extensive experience and family mindset, Triple H Electric guarantees good service by assembling a skilled team and stocking up on all the resources we need for success. We rely on only the most carefully-trained workers, putting together a small but trusted team who can finish the job quickly and effectively. Each one of our employees is committed to clean, honest work, which is covered for three years by a comprehensive warranty. Along with our strong track record and history of community service, you can be confident in the quality of our work.

If you’re interested in electrical improvements but aren’t sure they'll fit your budget, Triple H Electric is happy to visit your house and provide an on-site estimate. To request an estimate or learn more about ensuring electrical efficiency, contact Triple H Electric today!

Five star rating! Angie’s List User
Sam arrived on time, introduced himself, removed his shoes and got to work. He installed two ceiling fans with lights and remote controls. Sam was professional and friendly. He even cleaned up when he was done. Fans work great. Will definitely use them again.
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