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At Triple H Electric, we specialize in fixing problems with quality solutions. We have been providing generator installations, electrical repairs and electrical panel upgrades for over 15 years to the Detroit Metropolitan area. We guarantee the best service from our skilled team of electricians and provide quality resources which completes the job done quickly in the most effective way. All of our work has a three year warranty. We can ensure you that our quality of work is the best in the area!

Endless benefits when you upgrade your electrical equipment with Triple H Electric!

There are many reasons why you should consider an electrical remodeling job for your home or business. Some of the most common goals are:

Reducing Repairs

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When you have an outdated electrical system it is the most vulnerable to problems. This can eventually lead you to spending time and money on repairs. When you upgrade your system we are able to make things easier and safer for your families. New electrical panels lowers the risks of fires and other dangers that can be associated with your previous electrical system.


When you upgrade your electrical system this will often include adding a backup generator or other power source so that if problems arise in the grid, you will still get power throughout your home.

Stay Safe During Electrical Emergencies With Our Standby Generator Services

There are many homes that install their own generator systems because they can't afford to go without power for even a few hours. Triple H Electric offers generator installation and repair services to Rochester MI and the surrounding area. Don't let your home go out of power when the grid is out, we are able to protect you from even the worst electrical emergencies.

We understand how important power is to our health and quality of life. When you loss power you can lose heating and air condition, access to medical equipment and other vital resources. We are able to keep all of this equipment running through:

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  • Quality Installation - We are able to assist you no matter how high your power needs are. Triple H Electric carries different sizes and brands of generators with the experienced technicians to install it. With their expertise in wiring we are able to give you a dependable electric network for your home's outlets and appliances.
  • Improved Efficiency - We can examine and enhance your wiring, appliances and generator which will reduce waste and improve efficiency. Our services can save your money and reduce the strain on your electric sources. Make sure you upgrade your electrical panel every few years because it is a vital part of your electrical system.

We are committed to eliminating all sources of delay that have to do with electric failure. When you install a generator and electrical panel upgrade work, you are able to keep things running smoothly for your family or business. Each of our generators activate as soon as the power is interrupted, allowing you to continue with your daily activities and work. Triple H Electric offers an on-site evaluation. You could be surprised how affordable our services are!

Keep Your Business Running with Our Commercial Generator Services

It can be very beneficial to have a generator for your business. When you lose power you aren't able to contact clients, use internet or even communicate with different divisions of your company. Production at work is stopped until you are able to gain power back from the grid.

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With our wide selection of generators and the expertise to install them, we are able to provide businesses of any size with service so that they are promised power in times of emergency! We are Metro Detroit area's trusted provider of generator repair and installation. We are able to deliver generators to any location near Rochester MI and set them up as quickly as possible. Power can be lost at any time, keep your business running without any interruption by installing a commercial generator from the professionals at Triple H Electric.

At Triple H Electric we do it all! For more information on electrical remodeling, generator installation or any other electrical service, don't hesitate to contact us! We will gladly answer any questions you my have about our residential and commercial services